Growth rate @SInDy Inc.

An amazing thing happened at our company this week: we expanded exponentially. For over six months, the work we have done was singular, emanating from our Founder, Charles Kirby. His original storyboards have been embraced by the team and each product has gotten better every day. 

The Harkness iRoom has skillfully executed multiple small pop up events @COFFEED in LIC and even shot video of three awesome large scale demos in Brooklyn. The SInDy App was deployed for our first enterprise client, Dr Bari Ghosh, Senatorial candidate D-CA and the CollabRjabbR VR team pivoted towards aesthetics and UX because the functionality is so elegant. 


But these advances were all expected as laid out in the original storyboards. The remarkable event today (Friday the 13th of all days!) was off script. Today the advances made were completely independent from our Founder as he was detained with another matter.


The LOCATIONS Team took over. They spread the love, sold subscriptions and helped a small coffee house celebrate Happy Hour properly in Virtual AND Physical Reality. And on top of that, in a hotel conference in midtown, our OPERATIONS Team delivered the 3 minute version of our Pitch Deck. 

These may not seem like big steps but as a company that celebrates mindfulness in its CollabRatioN we must recognize this exponential growth. This growth thanks to the people who have taken this big amorphous idea and turned it into a real reality in multiple dimensions. So cool!



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