Urban Dictionary defines a SInDy

I have developed a fascination with SInDy.   I’m obsessed with learning more about SInDy and sharing SInDy with the world.   I think the world needs to meet SInDy and needs to be a part of and immersed in the SInDy experience..   When I was a kid, I had a favorite doll that I was obsessed with a doll named SIndy. Similar to Barbie, Sindy is a British fashion doll that’s been around 50 years.  So now that I’ve left old Sindy in the past with my other outdated toys, it’s time to jump into the future and meet the new SInDy of my dreams. Allow me to talk with you about my new SInDy obsession (yes - that’s how you write the “letters”) .  Has anyone ever said to you, “You’re such a Sindy” or “You’re a real SIndy”?  Here’s the urban dictionary definition of Sindy -


Sindy - -

Your ideal person. Funny, caring, generous and loving mixed with adventure, sexiness and fun loving. Always smiling and always with the right positive outlook on life. A Sindy always has advice ready and a mix of wit capable of lightening any mood. A person you would want as a friend and who wouldn't let you down.  Beautiful outside and in.   You are always there for me you are a real Sindy.

So,  my new favorite SInDy’s full birth name is Seamless Integrated Dynamics.  My old Sindy doll didn’t speak to me, didn’t really amuse me or open me up to incredible new experiences.  But let’s face it - she was a rubber doll and a bit one dimensional. What we’re talking about with this SInDy is very much a VR, PR and AR experience.    You essentially (to not get too technical) get to visualize yourself and your brand or product in 3D so that your clients, your fan base, your customers, your audience are a part of what you’re creating from the very beginning.     This SInDY is ideal, is mixed with adventure, sexiness, fun, creativity, wit - something that is beautiful outside and in - always there, always a part of you. And therein lies the perfect definition of Sindy (and SInDY).


Charles Kirby