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We cannot thank you enough for joining the SInDy Creative Community! What we really want is for you to USE the service and GET your money's worth. 

Explore the links below to understand better and CALL US with any and all questions any time.

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This is a way to use software as a management tool for all every element of your work/life blurr and organize each of those Elements into 6 aspects. We at SInDy expect that you have a thousand bookmarks, in SAFARI and another thousand in CHROME. How to keep it all straight? Use PIN3s. 

wearables & the harkness Interactive Conference room

The Harkness Method is named for a famous professor at an elite private school over 120 years ago. He professed that the guide by your side was superior to the sage on the stage - or in other words - the lecture hall is worse than the round table. At SInDy we believe that every discussion is better when it is face-to-face and its better when we use our interpersonal techniques as human beings to collabRate effectively. As a Member, the gear available to you at a 12% discount is only seen here and gives you options because it is all sold in kits:

     TIER ONE - the top of the line

     TIER TWO - affordable and gets the job done

     TIER FREE - not always completely free but as much as we can, enabling you and your family the ability to get the experience you desire when you cant afford it all.

Every Conference, Class and Dining Room should function to create 3 keys: eye contact, connectivity and love. Our gear provides these inherently, without having to ask or suggest in your mission statement: the CollabRative GEAR Just Makes it Happen. 

Shop and find out how for yourself.  

Enjoy and call us if you are not completely satisfied, we will come collabRate with you in Physical, Augmented or Virtual Reality; whatever works for you..

experts in your chosen genre of collabration

This is where a soul (as we currently know it) is injected in to your avatar. With membership comes a human being because this platform is robust and ever-changing. We like it that way because the landscape of how we create, who we collaborate with and what new technology is available to us to make what we make is always changing so...a human being is a necessity. 

You have a client services manager who knows you, your Pin3's, your account and your teammates. They have a behavioral economist working on your behalf to assess the data you have decided to track and helping you and your family of collaborators predict the success and failure rate of every CUBE Project. 

How can you use them?

virtual reality gamification in your real life

This is where your membership all comes together. Once you created a PIN3, converted your room into a functional iRoom, then you can seamless slide from virtual reality (VR) to physical reality (PR) and